Get to know the artist


When I was a kid, my favorite time was when I was allowed to draw and paint and showing my masterpieces to my Dad who would proudly hang them in his office. As I got older, this passion never faded. While studying advertising and advertising design, I discovered the love of china painting and watercolors. Later in life I ventured into acrylic paints and I never stopped. I create wall art inspired in nature and life stories.



Over the years I have used a variety of mediums and techniques. Formally trained in the art of China painting and Advertising design I have ventured into acrylics inspired by many different themes, such as flowers, birds, baby decor and abstract art. I believe that life is an open book that must be filled with stories and colors. I enjoy the versatility of acrylic paint and the transparency of watercolors and gouache. Many of my paintings are inspired in life stories as well.


Living in the suburbs of D.C., I'm surrounded by nature that inspires me on a daily basis. I love the changing colors of the seasons and the abundance of flowers influences a lot of my work. I also get inspired by the life stories of people I meet and the work of classic artists.